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Main Benefits and Note For TD Coating

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Main benefits with TD coating
1. Regarding forming die, the problem about galling is solved so that there few downtimes, the efficiency is high increased, and products appearance is better.
2. Because the die life is high increased by TD coating, the products size uniformity is high. The products quality is guaranteed.
3. As the die life is increased, the production cost and management cost are naturally decreased.
4. The die surface friction coefficient turn to low by TD coating, the seizure opportunity is little. Little lubricant, even no lubricant is needed
Note for TD coating
The temperature reach 850℃-1050℃ while TD coating. It is a kind of high temperature heat treatment. So the stress and phase transition would occur during TD coating. Phase transition results in stress and specific volume change. Hot stress, phase transition stress and specific volume change would make products crack. But TD coating is last process for molds. The molds can not be processed after TD coating. The keys for TD coating success are: first the suitable TD coating must exit, and second the little distortion is necessary without cracks. According to experiences of our over ten years, some questions must be noticed in order for TD coating to succeed.

1. Material requirements
Generally, we suggest high chrome material, like SKD11, DC53, SLD, S-MAGIC, KD11S, D2, XW42, Cr12MoV, SKD61, H13, etc, for forming dies. But other materials probably are available in certain cases, and we suggest that you’d better contact us.

2.Repair welding
The dies need weld for some reasons in production process. If they are coated by TD coating, some special requirements for welding materials and welding ways are necessary. Otherwise cracks probably occur.

3. design
The dies generally need to heat treatment after TD coating. In order to decrease distortion and cracks, the structures that easy cause stress concentration need to avoid as soon as possible during design process, like great changes for dies sections and sharp interior angles.

4. heat treatment
The heat treatment process for dies has very important influence on distortion during post heat treatment. In order to decrease distortion of dies, contact us.

5. Machining process
Surface roughness of dies should be decrease as soon as possible. If you want to get good effects, contact us.

6. Dies coated by other coatings
If dies coated by other coating processes like nitriding, infiltration boron, plating chrome, PVD, etc, the coatings should be eliminated before TD coating. Otherwise it will impact on quality of TD coating. But the dies coated by TD coating just need to repair its hurt surface before TD coating.